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Salt ‘n Light Camp



Worshiping with close friends under a sky full of stars.  Capturing the opposing team’s flag with seconds to spare.  Laughing so much your stomach hurts.  Being mentored and counseled by passionate college students.  Performing a talent on stage for your peers.  Getting real.  Digging Deep.

Salt ‘n Light Summer Camp is all those things and more.  Alongside of our staff, you will learn more about yourselves and God, and make some of the best memories of your life while doing it.  Whether you like to make music, play sports, act, dance, meet new friends, or even solve Rubik’s cubes, there is a place for you here.

But don’t just take our word for it.  Experience it yourself!  Start your summer off the right way with a week of worship, games, and God.


Who? Students who have completed 6th grade- 12th grade

When? June 14th-20th, 2015

Where? Greene Hills United Methodist Camp, Alexandria, Pa.

Cost? Before April 1st- $315
After April 1st- $325

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For more information, please email Cody Sherry at


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