Zeteo 2021: Behind the Door

April 30th – May 1st, 2021
Clipper Magazine Stadium
650 N Prince Street
Lancaster, PA

What if? This question can plague our hearts with its gripping uncertainties.  What if I fail when it counts? What if I lose someone I love? What if the worst things I imagine become real? These what ifs build a door—a door through which anxious thoughts can sneak inside. And the thoughts grow into walls thick with fear, twisted vines of lies, locked windows of uncertainty, broken mirrors of insecurity. Suddenly, a seemingly innocuous question constructs a world of the mind—a world where nightmares dance, dangerous lies sing sweetly, and fear seems safer than freedom. Join us for Zeteo 2021, where we will peek behind our doors to explore the possibilities that fear wants us to forget.

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Official Teaser for The Girl Behind the Door Movie
Coming Zeteo 2021


Sylvie sees wonder in small things and asks herself the hard questions. Though she longs for the adventures beyond the door, she is overwhelmed by the what ifs that plague her. Sylvie will meet many visitors along the way…some who want to urge her to step past the door and others who seek to keep her trapped there.


Peace is radiant. She carries with her a mighty light that chases the dark away, given to her by the Creator of light itself. Peace speaks truth over Sylvie, blesses her, and prays a lullaby over her in a garden of warm light.

Self-Pity and Apathy

Self-Pity and Apathy come to Sylvie’s door in a guise of  care and concern, all the while whispering twisted truths and subtle lies. Sylvie gets caught in their spellbinding fog, only weakly remembering the truth. Still, it’s not enough to free herself from the tangled web they weave.

“Everyone has a door. Different shapes, different sizes. Some open and some closed. They might not call them doors…but we all have them.”

Director: Christie Miller
Director of Photography: Davis Holliday
1st Assistant Director: Julianna Chen
2nd Assistant Director: Monica Bushoven
Boom op: Andrew Fickel
Head grip: Jarek Nalewak


Brook Warren
Hannah Wilburn
Elijah Ometz
Maura O Mahoney
Ryan Murphy


Sylvie: Megan Warren
Jesus: Jaremy Bady
Love: Nate Hopkins
Terror: Reilly Wilcox
Little Sylvie: Sadie Robeson
Curiosity: Elizabeth Vigliano
Joy: Jadon Gearhart
Peace: Brianna Campbell
Self pity: Felicia Stackhouse
Apathy: Brendan Labra
Grace: Lianna Martinez

What is Zeteo?

Zeteo FAQ

Why call it Zeteo?

It is a greek word that means “to seek in order to find.” God has laid it on the hearts of the leadership team to start an event with this purpose entirely. We hope to create opportunities for youth and youth leaders a time to deepen their faith, and their relationships with each other. It is a weekend retreat like nothing your group has ever been a part of in the past. A weekend of fun, laughter, worship, messages, and experiences that youth will never forget.

Who is the 2021 speaker?

Check back for more updates on our 2021 speaker!

How do I register for Zeteo?

Tickets are available through the Lancaster Barnstormers ticket site. For ticketing questions please contact Justin Kirk at JKirk@LancasterBarnstormers.com.

Where do I find the Zeteo graphic to use in my promtional items?
Where do we park?

Free onsite parking is available at the stadium.  Please follow all posted signs when arriving at the event.

What do we do for meals?

For Zeteo 2021 we will be offering on site meal options at the concession stands.  Vouchers are available as add ons when you purchase your tickets, or you may purchase when on site at the event. In addition there are a variety of restaurants around the stadium that both offer, dine in and takeout options.  Trip Advisor Restaurant Ideas

Meal Voucher (Must be purchased with your tickets)

You may use your voucher for any of the following combos at the concession stand:
Combo 1 – Chicken Tender, Fry and Regular Soda
Combo 2 – Burger, Fry and Regular Soda
Combo 3 – Black Bean Burger, Fry and Regular Soda
Combo 4- Jumbo Hot Dog, Chips, and Regular Soda
Where do we stay and how much will it cost?

We are currently booking room blocks in the Lancaster Area. Check back soon for more information!

What are the Safe Sanctuaries Requirements?

We are requiring groups to maintain a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students when at the stadium. Groups are required to follow their churches safe sanctuary policies throughout the weekend. In addition all youth group leaders will need to have their clearances on file with their church.

What is the plan for rain?

We will make the call about postponing to our rain dates by Monday April 26th at 11am.  The rain dates will be in June and will be announced by mid March,

How does security work?

We will have security on site at the stadium throughout the weekend. However, you are always responsible for your youth group.

Where do I fill out the Liability form?

We have moved to a digital system for collection of Liability forms for all of our events.  Please pass this link on to your students and leaders.

Zeteo 2020 Digital Liability Form

Whats the Event Schedule?
When is Zeteo next year?

The 2022 dates will be announced soon!

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Contact Ryan Murphy at rmurphy@snlym.com or 717-610-1300


Clipper Magazine Stadium
650 N Prince Street
Lancaster, PA

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