On this page you will find a variety of testimonies and stories about how God has been moving in the lives of students, leaders, and adults throughout the years on various events we do. If you would like to contribute a story of your own, click here



     Every year Impact becomes a more and more powerful and life altering event, but this year stood out!  On the last night at our campfire we share reflections of the week and the common theme of each “last evening” are categorized by statements of “how we will stay strong,”  “I don’t  want to fall off the mountain top,” “Lets keep the spiritual high for when we return home.”  That desire to stay strong is not bad, but this year it was different.  This year the comments were not about the struggle to stay strong, but were statements about being made different.  They resonated with Stephen’s final message about not chasing after spiritual experiences but instead chasing after Christ.  This year they left Impact not hoping to keep the spiritual experience of impact alive, but were making claims of the deep and enduring change Jesus had made on them and the confidence in their continual pursuit towards Christ.  Hearing those things is a youth pastors dream!       ~Lisa Aronson, Youth Director First UMC Mechanicsburg, PA


I work at Bethesda Mission Youth Center in Harrisburg, PA.  Our organization ministers primarily to inner-city youth, so you can imagine that we were a bit unsure of what the result would be when we started to partner with an organization that is mainly comprised of teenagers from the suburbs of Pennsylvania.  However, through our partnership with S’n’L, we have seen so many of our students’ lives transformed.  The Lord has used this organization in mighty ways to open our kids’ eyes up to different cultures within Christianity.  It has allowed our kids to break away from negative environments and habits, and process through deep hurts and confusion in a safe setting with other believers through the week-long Impact event that we have attended.

 One specific story of transformation took place at Impact during the summer of 2012, which we attended with 12 of our teenagers.  One of the girls that attended the event with us was struggling with sin that had been committed against her, and it was tearing apart her family as a result.  She usually had a very stoic outward appearance as she dealt with all of this hurt.  However, during one of the sessions, the Lord used the words of a speaker to speak to her heart deeply.  She was finally able to emotionally process through all of the hurt that she was struggling with.  I am so thankful for this and countless other transformations that I have seen in the lives of our youth through Impact and the faithful ministry of S’nL.        ~ Courtney Davis, Bethesda Mission Youth Center, Harrisburg PA

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