BattleBall Tournament

October 25th, 2015

Camp Hill UMC

“How did you do it? You knew your opponent had fought more fights than you and had always come out the champion.
How did you win this time?”
“I knew it when I woke up that morning: it was my day.”
~Kayla Harrison, first American woman to win the Gold Medal in Judo.
 Knights have jousted for Kings and Queens.
Gladiators have fought in Coliseums for roaring crowds.
Athletes have competed for titles of honor.
And yet, none have seen a battle quite like this.

On October 25th, it will be nerf soccer ball against nerf soccer ball in the greatest arena of them all: The Church Gymnatorium. Training starts now, victory comes later.

Who: You and your co-patriots (your team of 19-25 people)
When: October 25th, 2015
Where: Camp Hill United Methodist Church (417 S. 22nd Street, Camp Hill)
Why: We’ve been over this.
Cost: $12.00/warrior

As in past years, the tournament and rally will be hosted at Camp Hill United Methodist Church. Registration will begin at 1pm and the tournament will commence at approximately 1:30pm. The rally will begin at 6:15 and end near 8pm.
With 2 available courts, we can accommodate a maximum of 14 teams. Groups will be honored on a first come first served basis.
We require teams to have at least 19 people. If you are having trouble gathering enough team members, please notify Christie Miller  ( and we will attempt to pair you with another group who may be looking for more players. You may also coordinate with other youth leaders on your own. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee we will find another group, but we will do our best!

Please follow the link below to register.
****NOTE: You MUST download the liability forms and have each person in attendance sign one or have a parent sign one for this tournament.
The forms can be found on the “Terms and Conditions” portion of the registration form and the confirmation e-mail you receive after registering.***
Also, if you can’t make it to the tournament, please feel free to still join us for the Rally afterward at 6:15pm. We can’t wait to have you and your team join us for an awesome time of fellowship and worship!
God bless,
The Salt ‘n Light Team