Merry Christmas

“For God so loved.” These words begin a series of sentences many of us have  heard, memorized, and repeated throughout our journey with the Lord.  Perhaps they have become a little worn from our use of them– repeated  phrases so familiar they have lost the power they once had to move us. Perhaps  we have forgotten the severe depth of a love that so persistently runs after us and brings us back home. But out of the richness of His grace, the Lord reminds us over and over again that He is here… that He is WITH us.

Thursday night of our Impact festival, a young girl takes a breath and bravely steps past the threshold of the stage. A Salt ‘n Light team member hands her a microphone and she gathers her thoughts before telling us a story– her story, a  story of brokenness, of loss, of struggle and unresolved pain…and still the fingerprints of Christ’s redemption. The story strikes each of the Salt ‘n Light  staff as familiar, not because we have heard it before, but because it’s the exact  plotline of the drama we are yet to do that evening. The details of a life we had  not known until this moment were already written on our script pages, the architecture of her character rehearsed and practiced weeks before.

It was the same story connected by one deliberate God. This God who is bigger than we think, who loved this young girl so much that He placed her story in our hearts long before we knew it was her story. So that through the display of this drama, she could understand that there is a God who sees her and knows her. And this God appointed that Thursday evening far in advance, to show her how a character like her could find hope…could find redemption. He is a good God.

It is for moments like this that Salt ‘n Light Youth Ministry exists. Our purpose is to introduce youth to the God who so loved that He sent His son to know us…to know our stories and our hearts even more deeply than we can. He is the one who holds everything together and connects us to each other as He draws us to Himself. We have the opportunity through our ministry to connect the stories of students with the story of the gospel. And you have the  opportunity, right now, to join us as we do.

There are many ways to give. Please consider supporting Salt ‘n Light financially with a one-time gift or monthly donation. Your financial support gives us the resources we need to continue hiring people who love Jesus and want to see the gospel affect and change the lives of students through connection, conversation, stories, and art. We are also in search of volunteers to prepare meals for our team building and summer missions trips and are absolutely in need of prayer warriors who will commit to praying for our work. If you feel led to give in any of these ways please follow the link below!

Thank you so much for being a part of the work God is doing through our ministry, and from all of us here at Salt ‘n Light, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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