February 2nd-4th, 2018

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Let’s talk about losing things. That unexpected and inconvenient moment when your shoes aren’t where you put them, your math homework disappears, or your keys must have gotten sucked into a vortex because they certainly aren’t anywhere else. Did you lose your journal, your iPod, your favorite sweatshirt?  Did you lose something you were sure was permanent and somehow your faith got lost with it? Maybe you lost your purpose, your best friend, or your original plan.  Maybe you lost someone you loved and the whole world looks different without them. Maybe you’re afraid to admit that the lost thing…is you.

And that thing you lost…did you lose it on purpose or by accident? Did you lose it slowly or all at once? Did you try desperately to hold onto it only to realize it was already gone? Or maybe you don’t even remember how you ended up here, but the roads suddenly look unfamiliar and you can’t seem to find your way back.

Let’s talk about finding things. The way your afternoon changes when you feel that unexpected five dollar bill in your pocket. Reconnecting with an old friend who remembers the you you used to be. The shoes were under the table, the keys still in the door, your homework was crumpled up at the bottom of your backpack. You know, the way your shoulders lift a little when you catch a bright color on a dreary day or hear a song that seems like it was written just for you? Seeing a familiar face across a crowded room or discovering that your heart can still beat after it’s been broken. Hearing God’s voice when you thought he’d left you.

But maybe you found something you wish you hadn’t.
Or maybe you lost something that allowed you to find something else.

This Zeteo, we invite you into a world of lost things and found things, where both losing and finding lead only to a deeper search for the one who has already found us.


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It’s more than another event.
Imagine a time and space prayerfully designed to reach the deepest places of our hearts and pull us closer to Jesus. And for each person, that space is going to be different. Maybe that comes through screaming the lyrics of the song you hadn’t believed until you heard hundreds of others singing it with you. Maybe it’s a moment of stillness when the lights go down and God feels closer than the beat of your heart. It could be in a bold word that catalyzes a permanent change in your life or swapping stories with a complete stranger who gets you. Maybe it’s that character in the drama speaking all the words you haven’t figured out how to say yet, or a friend’s hand on your shoulder to remind you you’re never searching alone.

Zeteo isn’t about devising some sort of crowd-pleasing emotional-high experience… it’s about creating a space where God can move in the way that he moves: fully, intimately, distinctively.

We want to invite you to join us for our Zeteo Conference: An ecumenical youth conference designed for students and leaders who desire to draw closer and search deeper. Through four sessions of moving worship, engaging teaching, compelling drama, and challenging break-out seminars, our hope is that you and your group will find God right where he wants to meet you.

Zeteo 2018- Lost + Found



Q: Why call it Zeteo?

It is a greek word that means “to seek in order to find.” God has laid it on the hearts of the leadership team to start an event with this purpose entirely. We hope to create opportunities for youth and youth leaders a time to deepen their faith, and their relationships with each other. It is a weekend retreat like nothing your group has ever been a part of in the past. A weekend of fun, laughter, worship, messages, and experiences that youth will never forget.

Q: How do I register for Zeteo?

Register for all that you need and then you can pay over time so that you lock in the lowest ticket price. To order more tickets, just click on the register now button and order more, we will have your tickets ready for you at registration.   All groups must be paid in full by January 1st.

Q: How much does it cost?

  • Early Bird-(Through 11.15.17)- $68
  • Regular Price- (Through 12.31.17) $75
  • Last Minute (After 1.1.18) – $90
Check payments must be received within 2 weeks of registration.

Q: How do we get from the hotel to the convention center?

You are able to stay at the attached Courtyard by Mariott and walk, or you will need to find transportation for your group to and from the convention center.

Q: What do we do for meals?

Depending on your hotel, breakfast may be included.  However, there are no meals included in the conference ticket price. There are many local establishments available for your group to choose from.

Q:Where do we stay and how much will it cost?

We have room blocks available at the following hotels, rooms must be booked by 12/31 to get the discounted pricing that we have negotiated.  Please contact us with any questions.

Days Inn & Suites Altoona: $74.00/ Night +Tax
Double queen rooms with complimentary breakfast. Rooms sleep up to 4 people and it is 10.3miles from the convention center.  Call the hotel directly and book under the group name Zeteo at 814-944-4499.

Holliday Inn Express & Suites Altoona: $89.00/ Night +Tax
Double queen room with complimentary breakfast. Rooms sleep up to 4 people and it is .4 miles from the convention center.  Book Online or call the hotel directly and book under the group name Salt ‘n Light Youth Ministry at 814-693-1004. Book Holiday Inn Express Online

Comfort Suites Altoona: $89.00/ Night +Tax
Double queen room with pullout sofa and complimentary breakfast. Rooms sleep up to 6 people and it is 9.9 miles from the convention center.  Call the hotel directly and book under the group name Zeteo at 814-942-2600.

TownPlace Suites Altoona: $99.00/ Night +Tax
Double queen studio with kitchenette and complimentary breakfast. Rooms sleep up to 4 people and it is 3.1 miles from the convention center.  Call the hotel directly and book under the group name Zeteo at 814-946-0424.

Courtyard By Marriott: $114.00/ Night +Tax
Double queen rooms that sleep up to 4 people and is attached to the convention center. Call the hotel directly and book under the group name Salt ‘n Light at 814-312-1800.

Q: What is the Safe Sanctuaries Requirements?

We are requiring groups to maintain a ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students when at the convention center.  Groups are required to follow their churches safe sanctuary policies throughout the weekend.

Q: What is the plan for inclement weather?

We will hold the event unless there is a state of emergency declared by the governor of Pennsylvania.

Q: What do our kids need to bring?

(swimsuit, snowgear, money etc.?)

Please see our Packing List

Q: How does security work?

We will have security on site at the conference center throughout the weekend. However, you are always responsible for your youth group.

Q: When is Zeteo next year?

The tentative 2019 Zeteo date is: February 1-3, 2019, Altoona, PA

Contact Ryan Murphy with questions

Email: rmurphy@snlym.com
Call: 717-610-1300