Breathing Room Events

We believe that youth leaders are the backbone of what we do here at Salt ‘n Light. Without you, we wouldn’t have work to do! You pour out your love for your kids week after week, and we know how exhausting that can be. Who pours into you? How do you get fed spiritually? It seems that currently there aren’t a lot of opportunities for youth leaders to seek retreat, restoration, and relaxation. But if you aren’t fueled spiritually, how are you going to keep spurring on the kids in your ministry? Join with us in our Breathing Room Events to find that Sabbath you most certainly need.

Local Event

Twice a year, we will be hosting our Local Breathing Room events. These events are primarily hosted at Camp Hill United Methodist Church. Events are held on either a Tuesday or Thursday evening, from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

What might you find at this event? A meal prepared by the culinary geniuses of the SNL team, fellowship with other local youth workers, worship for YOU to experience wholly, prayer and support from our staff and others, and ultimately, a night without any ministry leadership responsibilities! We all need that every once in a while.

Breathing Room Getaway

Take the Local Breathing Room concept and extend it. At our Breathing Room Getaway, you (and a spouse if you choose) have the opportunity to get away for a few days and recharge. We are extremely excited to offer this event!

When: TBD
Where: Camp Hebron, Halifax, PA
Who: Any youth worker (spouses allowed to come too!)
Cost: One-Night- Three Meals ($90), Two-Night- Five Meals ($120)



  • Food!
  • Overnight stay in hotel-style rooms
  • Worship and devotionals led by SNL
  • Fellowship, prayer & laughter with other youth workers

For more information, email Chris at

Breathing Room Getaway Coming Soon!

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