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Voices – Digital Download


This spoken word piece features monologues from five voices:  Selfishness, Pride, Busyness and Distraction, Insecurity, and Vulnerability. Each voice illustrates the characteristics of their name and how it might manifest in one’s head whether it is acknowledged or not. The Voices will hopefully challenge, convict, and lead us to take an honest look at what motivates each of us, and turn to the Lord with what needs to change.

Length: 12:19
Curriculum includes: 1 Lesson Plan

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Video – A professionally filmed creative work that centers around a specific topic and it’s intersection with faith. Creative pieces include dance, drama, comedy, and spoken word.

Curriculum – A full lesson plan that partners with the creative arts video piece. Curriculum lessons include: Activities, Teaching, Small group questions, Response, worship song suggestions, and sometimes additional resources for exploring topics more deeply. Most lessons can be tailored in length to fit your specific timeframe.

Script – A copy of the script of the drama for performance use with your own actors.

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