Christie's Top Ten Impact Moments

Okay. I know. It’s been WAYYYYY too long since this blog has been updated. But if it makes anyone feel any better, we have been rally-touring, serving in York, brushing up our our outdoorsmen skills….and running a festival in Baree, PA.

Speaking of festivals in Baree, PA…we just got back from…(drumrolll please on the person’s head who is sitting in front of you….) IMPACT!!!!!!

When it comes to something as HUGE and extensive as Impact, I know that none of my words will

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be able to fully encompass the incredible moves God made, the laughter that made our stomachs hurt, or the exceptional (or not so exceptional) food we ate. So instead of making a vain attempt to describe EVERYTHING, here are just a few of my favorite moments of IMPACT 2010. There is no purpose to the order, they’re just listed however fast I could recall them. Eat, Sleep, Enjoy.

1. The Corn Song- I don’t know what

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it is about, I don’t understand why it was written…in fact, I do not even know which church wrote it. But in Tent City on Saturday Night, an entire group of youth came around me as I waited in line for a different church’s meal…and performed the Corn song for me. This song involved percussive, almost violent guitar strumming whilst a djembe and a drum box were beat heavily as if a battle was approaching. Soon after the song began, the lyricist sang a few words and began shouting CORN! CORN! CORN! CORN! and 3 young men began interpretive dancing like rain behind them. I am not sure if the song was to be taken literally or figuratively, but it sure meant a lot that those guys came over to perform it just for me 🙂 Also, it was stuck in my head for most of the night. So…I think you are on to something there guys. CORN!!!!

2. Harry Potter, The Red Ninja, and Thor- Our Impact Hosts this year began an epic tale on Thursday Night involving 3 unlikely heros battling one another to attain a certain half bear half monkey half…something else called CoCo (no copyright infringement intended) Their Saga continued throughout all 3 evenings, and their riddles to CoCo’s whereabouts kept crowds in tent city on high alert for hours at a time. Though Harry Potter and Thor’s accents changed about every thirty seconds and the red ninjas voice sounded more like a slightly off-kilter squirrel than a human…campers were well entertained, and the moral of the extensive debacle was one we all can learn from: find coco—->receive cake. (and sometimes stuffing…if you’re lucky)

3.Freddie Colloca Band- Uhm this should basically speak for itself. When I saw 600 people literally dancing and jumping in unison and shouting back and forth “when I say Jesus, you say praise him…Jesus! Praise Him! jesus! Praise Him!” for about fifty measures without any loss of energy, I knew we were on to something really good. Freddy and his band led us in a series of jumps, cheers, dances, waves,

Ryan Murphy’s half-stage dive-

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