One Week Down…

… and a million more to go!

Greetings, blog readers. Cody Sherry here, reporting for duty. As you may or may not know, I just recently accepted a position with Salt ‘n Light as the half-time Director of Relational Connection and Social Media. “duh… WHAT?” you say? Have no fear, an explanation awaits (why am i continuously talking like a character in a Shakespeare play?)

I GET TO GO ON FACEBOOK! I jest. Well, I don’t completely jest, but there is much more to my job than just tweeting embarrassing pictures of Christie Miller (have you checked out our twitter yet? @saltnlightYM). My job primarily revolves around making connections, whether that means with local youth pastors, students, or YOU! After all, you are reading this blog, aren’t you? CONNECTION. We here at Salt ‘n Light don’t want to be some distant, unattainable entity. We want to be able to connect with students and their youth leaders on a regular basis, hopefully achieving a sense of presence. So that is what I’m here for… to be here… for… you. Get it? Got it? Good!

In case you have no idea who I am and are asking yourself the question “Why is some stranger who is insanely less eloquent than Christie writing on this blog?!?!” then this quick run-down of random facts is for you. Enjoy.

1. Full name: Cody Mitchell Sherry (or C. Mitchell Sherry if I ever become a businessman, says my mom).

2. Age: 21 (still deciding if that is old or young)

3. Favorite Underwater Activity: Breath-holding contests (please challenge me to one, I dare you. I once held my breath through BOTH TUNNELS on the turnpike heading out to Pittsburgh. Sure, I almost passed out after the second one and I was driving alone, but alas…)

4. Most Embarassing Mom… HA! yeah right.

5. Three Greatest Passions: Singing, Hanging out with Teenagers, and Chick-Fil-A. (all three have to do with Jesus so don’t assume I’ve left him off the list, because I haven’t OKAY?)

6. Favorite Bible Passage: “As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” (Ok not really, but that WAS my favorite verse when I was in 7th grade, and let’s face it, not a lot of maturing has taken place since then…) In reality, I love the passage where the woman who has been suffering from an awful disease of uncontrollable bleeding touches the hem of Jesus’ garment and is healed. She knew if she could just reach out and get the slightest touch of the Messiah that she would suffer no more. That is FAITH, people.

7. Most Over-Used Grammatical Mark: Parentheses (can you tell? (I just really like them (it’s because of the shape (not really

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it’s because of the way they break up a sentence (who invented the parenthesis (does it end in -is if there is just one? (now i’ve just confused myself (i’m gonna stop talking now))))))))

8. Random Fact: (like they havent all been already) In this past year alone, I’ve gone bungee jumping over the Nile River, whitewater rafting in said treacherous river, and jumped out of an airplane. Any advice on my next thrill-seeking event?


Well that is that! C. Mitchell Sherry in a nutshell (seriously though, no one calls me that. yikes). I am insanely blessed to be working with this amazing organization and can’t wait to see what God has in store for myself and the teenagers we come in contact with this year! It will surely be an adventure.

Yours truly,

P.S. BOOKMARK THIS PAGE! Yes, YOU. You! The one looking at the computer screen right now! Go bookmark this page so you can be updated on exciting stuff that is happening! mwahahahah (disregard that).

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