My faith has gone from s.e.n.t.e.n.c.e.s to scribbles

From da/te/d tim:es and l-i-n-e-s to squiggles and dots on uneven pages

There may be a num6er or a

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comma here and there, but there’s no orderr or rhythm only the chaos of thoughts streaming consciousness across blank___________ spaces

Things used to be straight and ordered. Well-versed prayers with semi colons and symbolism, sweet praiseses sung from the lips of a girl who knew the steps to the waltz of scripture and would never turn the book upside down to see if the words looked different when she did…

But my faith isn’t in lines anymore.

It’s in

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c s e

i l

r c

and in s







and funky

di nals


It’s in acute and obtuse angles but never right ones…and even when I find some structured syntax, the words dabble off the page in weirldy drawn curly cues that take them over like twisted vines in an overgrown yard….

My faith is



the page

forgetting gravity and structure and contour.

My faith has gone from sentences to scribbles…from neat to messy from
composed to

c h a o s

My answers are questions? And my questions…they’re too much

And when my pen runs out I don’t care.

I just want to write and not care about

PUNCTuation or

handWRITING or

tOne of vOice

I just want words on a page. I need something true.

Whether its a sentence

or a scribble

or a doodle or a riddle.

A picture A FACE a movement. But TRUTH.

I want YOU.

And I think you are a sentence,structured paragraphs, calculable off the page

I think you are a Scribble….


But tomorrow,

you might be a novel.




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