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78 Days of Summer… 17 Salt n Lighters… 11 unforgettable weeks… Only One  to rule t

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Name that Salt ‘n Lighter

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Welcome my friends…to SnL Summer 2011. Woot. Woot. Now according to my comrad below, who will remain nameless but likes to go by his last name rather than his first (good luck guessing since nearly HALF our staff does that), we are, I quote, “Blastoise excited” about this upcoming summer. But for me and my…

And here we go!

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So after an extended hiatus, Salt ‘n Light is back to blogging! The Salt ‘n Light team is starting to kick it into gear as band practices are starting to take place, while the creative arts team is hard at work writing and editing dances and dramas.  Although we are sad to see some team…