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You Make Beautiful Things

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If you came to the Impact festival this past week, you’ve heard this line over and over again in worship, dramas, dances, and speakers: You make beautiful things out of us. It’s so easy to take for granted the power of God’s spirit sometimes. When we’re at home and just going through our daily lives…

The Final Countdown!

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That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Impact starts exactly 7 days from today. We’ve been waiting all summer for this, and we hope that you’re just as excited as we are to spend four days in fellowship, worship, teaching, and unforgettable awesomeness. We figured we’d point out some of the stuff we’re super excited about, just…


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If you’ve been loafing around your house like me and have had nothing better to do than watch your friends’ status updates appear on your news feed for the past…I don’t know…15 hours or so…you may have noticed a few catch phrases. Just little things. Little things like: Butt Chisels, Bingo Bango., or perhaps a…