The Final Countdown!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. Impact starts exactly 7 days from today. We’ve been waiting all summer for this, and we hope that you’re just as excited as we are to spend four days in fellowship, worship, teaching, and unforgettable awesomeness. We figured we’d point out some of the stuff we’re super excited about, just to amp up your own anticipation:

5. The Bands: If you haven’t gone online and looked up the bands this year, you need to. Along with favorites from the past like Freddie Colloca and Riley Armstrong, we’ll be worshipping with Ohio Avenue, Talain Rayne, and of course, the Salt ‘n Light band.

4. The Speakers/Seminars: We have a fantastic lineup this year of amazing speakers who will be teaching, challenging, and encouraging all of us this year. We’re bringing back phenomenal mainstage speakers like Braden Peterson and Beth Sweeting, and hosting

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seminars led by people who can’t wait to share with you on a number of different topics.

3. The Dances and Dramas: Our very own Creative Arts Core Team has come up with a number of dances and dramas this year that are sure to leave you laughing, thinking, and moved. Seriously. They’re awesome.

2. Shenanigans: Hey, remember that time that we organized an Impact-wide contest to see who could find a giant stuffed bearmonkeylion? And remember when there was a superhero costume competition that resulted in costumes of giant candles, camping chairs, bandanas, goggles, and umbrellas? Get ready for way more of that.

1. The Wonderful People of Impact: Yes, we realize that this sounds super cliché and cheesy that the number one thing that we’re excited to see is you, but it’s true. We’ve gotten the chance to meet so many of you through the year and at rallies and Pee Dee and camp this summer that we are just so pumped to see all of you guys again. You guys make Impact what it is, and it’s always such a joy to see you guys every year…even if you tent city folk do smell sometimes…just kidding. But seriously. We can’t wait to see you guys!

So that’s our final countdown! We’ll be prepping for the big day when we finally get to yell “WELCOME TO IMPACT 2011!” and we hope to see you there!

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