Alex’s Attempt to reinvent the S’more

Troup: Okay guys, tell me what you think here. You know how when you make a s’more, it gets messy because the graham crackers break wrong and then the chocolate melts and there’s wrappers everywhere?
Everyone: (mumbles) yeah…
Troup: Okay so what if instead of having graham crackers and chocolate, we buy a bunch of chocolate chip cookies. Then you roast the marshmellow and put it between the cookies. server hosting info And there you go, you already have got chocolate and crunch!
Everyone: (In an incoherent uproar as if Troup has said something highly offensive. Heated discussion occurs for about 10 minutes.)
Andy: (after the rabble has died out) That’s just not right. You can’t even call that a S’more!
Troup: (resigned) Well, it was worth a shot.

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