Josh Groban – Believe

“Believe”- Josh Groban Submitted by Miss Emily Dincher

I’ll admit it: I was not one of those kids who read the Polar Express every Christmas. I never really understood the craze about the whole thing. I mean, some kid gets on a train, goes to the North Pole…and gets a sleigh bell.

Whoop. Dee. Doo.

Okay, sarcastic rant over. You can all relax, I’ll admit the full extemt of my wrongness. Clearly, I didn’t know what I was missing. And I did not figure this out until the Polar Express came out in 3D Imax.

Let me tell you. That was the coolest children’s book I’ve ever experienced. And here’s the real reason. I mean, as cool as it was to ride a train through the snow, have bowls of hot chocolate waved in front of my face, and watch a giant christmas tree rise to the tip of my conciousness, the thing that really got me was the wonder of it all.

Sure, the plotline of the movie, not the most complex thing you’ll ever see. But it didn’t matter. Because that’s not the point of

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the movie. The point of the movie, in a sneaky roundabout way…is faith.

Because ultimately it comes down to: can you hear the sleigh bell? Do you believe enough to still hear it? Are you child-like enough to believe in something that others deem impossible or illogical?

So take it beyond the polar express, the hot chocolate and the snow.

Do you have enough faith to hear the angels song? Enough faith to follow a star?

Is it real, or just another story…you read at Christmas?

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