Name That Salt ‘n Lighter Revealed

The SnL summer season is now well underway! We’ve spent the last few days hard at work practicing dances and dramas, and we have a few days left to polish them off before we head to Teen Camp on Sunday—and, by the way, we’re SUPER pumped! We can’t wait to connect with some of you and see what God has in store for us.

We thought it was time, though, before we get any deeper into the summer to reveal the answers to the Name that Salt ‘n Lighter challenge. So here they are!

1. Ryan Murphy-Murph always tells the rest of us to “make it work,” but really he’s the one who works the magic. Just this morning we needed a kiddie pool (naturally), and he had one for us in about 2 minutes.

2. Dana Miller- Even though he’s tall and athletic, we’ve discovered this week that Dana plays a nerd astonishingly well… whenever we can get him to break out of his favorite New York accent, that is.

3. Bekah Dincher- To no surprise, we have already sung songs from Mulan and eaten delicious peanut butter Rice Krispie treats AND butterscotch-chocolate Rice Krispie treats compliments of Bek.

4. Cody Sherry- Cody hasn’t fallen asleep in any unusual places yet, but that’s probably because he’s been too busy wearing headbands and hip-hop dancing.

5. Alex Troup- Troup has been putting his rocket scientist skills to good use already, building props for SnL t-shirt commercials and making models of the Impact stage.

6. Chelsea Ramirez- Team-building at Patterson Grove was ideal for Chels… hours upon hours in rocking chairs on the porch. Now that practice week is underway, though, she seems to have suddenly gotten 40 or so years younger and has been our dance teacher extraordinaire.

7. The one and only Rev. Dr. Stephen E. Gallaher- Not only is he our fearless leader, but he’s also the only person in the history of

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8. Brook Warren- Brook’s awesome volleyball skills have come in handy this week; we’ve been playing together any chance we get. We’ll miss Brook during practice this evening though, because he’s leaving us for his high school graduation—congrats, Brook!

9. Stephen Scovell- He’s now affectionately called Abe (or even Abram) by everyone on the team. Thanks to Dana, Stephen/Abe also responds to Vinny.

10. Caitlin Black- We’re so excited that Caitlin brought her dance skills from Michigan to Uganda and now to Salt ‘n Light. We’ve been doing our best to introduce her to Pennsylvania’s finest… like Rita’s Italian Ice and our favorite local Chinese restaurant, Ho Wah. Neato Burrito is next on the list.

11. Emily Bingham- Bing has done a good job of keeping the Moby Dick references to a minimum this week, but she hasn’t done so well at maintaining her sanity late at night. Let’s just say we’ve had some good laughs.

12. Matt Deans- We haven’t had much time for marathon running, but (much to the chagrin of the rest of the team) Deans has taken advantage of numerous opportunities for riddle-telling. I’m still convinced the one about the light bulb and three switches is impossible.

13. Tom Dincher- Ok, so maybe Tom’s beard doesn’t really look like Jesus’ beard (at least not the one in most paintings of Him), but it is stylish.

14. Leeann Shearer- There were no sharks in the waterfalls at Ricketts Glen during our hike the other day. Lee celebrated by spending much of yesterday afternoon sewing.

15. Andy Brisbin- I’m still waiting for the day Andy defeats a student in a lightsaber battle in his cave… perhaps while telling a joke.

16. Christie Miller- She may cause an abnormally high number of technological malfunctions, but Christie is the mastermind behind the dances and dramas we’ve been practicing for about 13 hours a day. Her creativity is incredible, and her patience with the rest of us is even more impressive.

17. Brandon Keeks- It’s 97 degrees today. Yeah, he’s wearing jeans.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know this year’s summer staff—we can’t wait to get to know YOU better soon!


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