The Drummer Boy: A re-mix of a song I didn’t like before.

“Come, they told me…”

Okay, I’m gonna be honest, this song has always been one of my least favorite Christmas songs. Any song where a prominent lyric is “parumpapumpum” just has a negative effect on my faith in creativity. However, when Matt Deans selected this song without an artist, I remembered one version that actually moved me the way I think the original songwriter may have intended.

“Shall I play for you?”

For some reason, the passion behind those words made me re-think this song. It made me think of what I would say if I were there on that night.  If by some miracle, a star or an angel, or just the chance that I’d be passing by, I came to see the Savior on that night..what would I say? If I was just a poor girl with nothing but adoration and a desire to honor the king, how would I? And if like the drummer boy, I realized that I had no gift to bring, what would I do? It only took a few questions until I realized that there’s so much more than parumpahpumpum’s to this story.

Because despite his poverty, or his feelings of unworthiness, or the little things he struggled with everyday, the drummer boy did not hesitate to give the only thing he had: his song.

“Then he smiled at me.”

Can you imagine? The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, as a little baby. He has just received gifts of gold, frankincense, and myyrrh from Kings. Hosts of angels are singing for him in the skies. The stars are shining more brightly just for him. But he smiles…when he hears your song, your offering, your gift.

Let’s not forget this Christmas, to offer our gifts to Jesus. They are the ones he loves most. And I hope that this Christmas Day and every day after we can honestly say,

“I played my best for Christ.”

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