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Number 58 (A Reflection on Pee Dee Mission)

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Hey all, So half of our team just got back from our Pee Dee Mission in South Carolina. For those of you who don’t know our ministry has a relationship with a very small, off the map community. We go down 3 times a year, twice during the summer on service missions trips to help with…

S’nL Camp 2011 Re-cap

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So we just finished an absolutely incredible week at camp.  This year at Greene Hills, the camp was full of absolutely awesome experiences.  After toss-ball tournaments, deathsticks, crazy improv games and an epic praise rally (if I do say so myself), it was clear that the week was going to be one to remember.  At…

Name That Salt ‘n Lighter Revealed

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The SnL summer season is now well underway! We’ve spent the last few days hard at work practicing dances and dramas, and we have a few days left to polish them off before we head to Teen Camp on Sunday—and, by the way, we’re SUPER pumped! We can’t wait to connect with some of you…

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Day 1: Conquer Epic Waterfalls.

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And so the summer has officially begun for the Salt ‘n Light team! In epic grandeur, we departed Camp Hill United Methodist Church in our signature gigantic blue van, with a course set for the distant lands beyond (aka, Patterson Grove retreat center).  Once there, the team embarked on many a quest, including hiking at…